Temecula Valley Rose Society

Established 1991

Member­ship Appli­cation Infor­mation

All meetings that used to be held in the Ronald H. Roberts Temecula Public Library have been suspended for the duration of the COVID‑19 pandemic. The library meeting rooms are closed until further notice.

Information on which committees are meeting, and where, can be obtained from the current months newsletter. To see the Index Tap/Click here.

For further information send a query here.

  Membership in the Society is open to anyone interested in roses. New members are always welcome.

✔ Dues for first year members are $35.00 which includes a one‑time charge for a name badge. A Family Membership costs $50.00 which, includes a one‑time charge for two name badges.

✔ After the first year individual dues are $25.00 per year. Renewals for families is $30.00.

✔ Membership includes a monthly newsletter on the Internet which contains information on rose cultivation as well as upcoming member events.

✔ Your membership card also entitles you to a 10% discount at Crop Production Services (formerly L&M Fertilizer) in Temecula.

✔ For a list of committees you can volunteer to serve on click here. A organization chart can be viewed here. Our new member questionnaire: Let us know something about you. Print out the questionnaire, fill it out, and return it to us as indicated on the form. For ideas, see the Committees list, above.

✔ Click here to print a renewal membership form.

✔ Membership renewal forms are mailed out yearly with the December newsletter. If you didn't receive one, it can be picked up at the monthly meeting (check the current newsletter for location), or ask for one using our 'Contact Us' form.

✔ For more information complete and submit this form: Contact Us.

Make a Differ­ence — Volun­teer & Join a Commit­tee!

by Rebecca Weersing

Committees make things happen in our Society. Four well-functioning committees are Programs, Rose Show, Rose Haven, and Youth Gardening Committees. Why do they function well? Committee success can be explained in this way:

  1. Proactive committee chairs,
  2. Regularly scheduled meetings with minutes of the meetings,
  3. Committee members assigned specific tasks to complete between meetings,
  4. Committee members communicate by email, phone, and in person between meetings and,
  5. Committee members enjoy their committee work, actively collab­orating to benefit our Society.

✔ During the month of June we have five committees that will be meeting. If you would like to attend a meeting, or send comments and suggestions, please contact the indicated Committee Chair.

✔ On the first Wednesday the Youth Gardening Committee will meet to review Third Saturday programs and (in the summer) to plan for the following September's new activities. Contact us via this form: Contact Us.

✔ The Finance Committee meets on the second Tuesday of the month. This committee has several sub-committees: Budget, Ways & Means, Donations, Grants, and Long‑Term Funding. To contact us via this form: Contact Us. The committee will also meet the second Tuesdays of August, September, October, and November.

✔ To join the Membership Committee (which includes sub-committees of Telephone, Hospitality, Sunshine, and Awards) you may contact us via this form: Contact Us.

✔ The Education & Community Outreach Committee (which includes the Rose Show Committee and the Beautification Committee) meets in Room B after refreshments at our monthly member meeting. Contact Rebecca Weersing if you are interested in Beauti­fication.

✔ The Rose Haven Heritage Garden Committee meets on the fourth Wednesday. Contact us via this form: Contact Us.

Make a Difference – Join a Committee!

See our committee organization chart here.