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2012 1st Bloom Party

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By Kathy Katz. It has been a long time coming, but I think we staged an almost perfect event on Saturday, May 12, 2012. The Rose Show and First Bloom were a blast and the garden couldn't have been lovelier, the weather was reasonable, everyone had a good time.

All the ideas, needs, publicity for Rose Haven, fundraising and financial limitations, programs for youth, exhibition of roses, support of rose and plant care came together in a way we always imagined, and without stress of past years (not that there was no stress). Leadership is to be honored and congratulated.

Since we will not be meeting until next month, all of you please accept our most sincere thanks. Many showed up early to set up and stayed late to tear down — the Bell, the Katz, the Moss, the Brodbecks, the Meynckes, the Rumbolds, and the Coakes families, to name a few. The Rose Show committee , with Jeanne Brubacker and all the staff, judges and entrants.

The efforts of our indomitable Ann Coakes and her whole committee was outstanding. This does not yet include The Board, the Garden Committee, and Youth Gardening. It all worked so well and was a thing to be proud of. It would not have happened without every pruned rose, every bit of publicity, every weed destroyed, every donation small and large.

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Rose Show Winning Entries

 Single Stem Entry 1

 Single Stem Entry 2

 Single Stem Entry 9

 Single Stem Entry 10

 Floating Bowl Entry 11

 Mini-Arrangement 12

 Mini-Arrangement 13

 Table Setting 14

 Table Setting 15

 Table Setting 2

 Table Setting 3

 Winners 4

 Winners 5

 Winning Floating Bowl 6

 Winning Mini 7

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First Bloom Celebration Photos

 Romantic Roses

 Our Mascot, Rosey Pony




 Roses & Gazebo



 Lavendar in Bloom

 Jim & Peggy

 Jim, Ron & Lenore

 Ann Coakes

 Pond Visitor

 Pond Faries

 Pond Visitors

 Garden Vista

 Garden Tour

 The Gazebo

 Gazing Sphere

 Plant Sale

 Youth Gardening Leaders