Temecula Valley Rose Society

Established 1991

2011 Home Garden Tour

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Member Meeting Program

Date:  Thursday, May 19, 2011
Time:  9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Place:  Meet at Rose Haven Garden
Topic:  Tour of Five Member Rose Gardens

In lieu of the regular Temecula Valley Rose Society Members May Meeting we will be enjoying the beauty of five (5) of our members gardens on our Annual Garden Tour. The TVRS members will start at "Rose Haven Heritage Garden" to look at the 2,000 blooming roses in our public garden. From there, we will visit the first garden in Murrieta, then on to Lake Elsinore. The third garden is in Sun City, the fourth and final gardens are in Temecula. Lunch will be severed at the last garden.

We will meet at Rose Haven at 9:00-9:15 a.m., where maps will be given out. It is advisable to carpool and to wear comfortable walking shoes. We will need to depart Rose Haven promptly at 9:30 a.m. in order to keep to our tight schedule so we have as much time to enjoy each of the gardens and complete the tour before 1:00 p.m.

Garden number 1:  The first garden on the tour is at the home of May Olson in Murrieta. She has 90 rose bushes, and the garden is beautifully designed. You will see a great variety of roses in May's garden. She moved into her home just six years ago, and designed the garden, working with some of the plants that were already there. She has many favorite roses depending on the type. Her favorite climber is "4th of July", and her favorite mini rose is "Dreamcatcher." She has other favorites which she will be happy to share with you. You will enjoy walking through this very appealing rose garden, with it's beautiful roses. That old saying "take the time to smell the roses" comes to mind.

May Olson's

May Olson's

Denise, Cordelia, Phyllis

Garden number 2:  The second garden is the home of Stanley Szymczyk in Lake Elsinore. When first arriving at Stanley's garden you are met with a line of 100 roses of various colors. Wandering down a slope through a shaded forest of Monterey Pines you will find an additional 75 roses. Close by is a grove of approximately 100 palm trees. This is a large property and many additional and interesting plants may be found here.

Stanley's Roses

Stanley's Bananas

Garden Number 3:  The third garden on the tour will be the beautiful rose garden of Don Nordike in Sun City. If you've seen his garden you know how spectacular it is, however if not, you are in for a real treat. He has over 160 roses in his garden, and works daily to keep them looking their best. He's forever charging and upgrading his roses, so they are the very best.

Don Nordike's Front Yard

Don Nordike's Yard

Garden Number 4:  Number 4 on the tour is Yolanda Hepburn's garden in Temecula. When Yolanda moved to Temecula 23 years ago her garden soil was all clay. Many hours and backaches were endured changing the soil to create the closest imitation of an English Garden. Besides roses she prides in iris and all kinds of perennials. Her favorite roses are "French Lace", "Marilyn Monroe" and a pure purple called "Melody Parfumee."

Denise, Yolanda, Phyllis

Yolanda's Patio

Garden Number 5:  The fifth garden on the tour is at the home of Ann Coakes in Temecula. Ann has done a great job of designing and planting her rose garden. She has 60 roses of all types in her yard. Her magnificent, huge climbers cascade over her arched trellises and really make a statement. She has so many beautiful roses of various colors and scents that you must take your time to really enjoy each and every one. Her favorites are "Mr. Lincoln", "Eden", and her climber "Graham Thomas."

Ann Coake's Roses

Ann Coakes' Roses

Enjoying Lunch at Ann's