Temecula Valley Rose Society

Established 1991

Little Rose Show Judging Criteria

Little Rose Show Competition

Judges: Rotating. To be announced.

At the monthly meetings from April through November (excluding July and August) we will conduct six Little Rose Shows. These will be fun opportunities to learn and polish your skills in exhibiting roses.

Each month, you will receive points for any specimen that is awarded first, second, or third place. In addition, you will receive a prize if your rose is judged 'Rose of the Day'.

At the Holiday Meeting (December), a grand prize will be awarded to the exhibitor who accumulated the highest number of points during all the preceding Little Rose Shows.

Rose shows are organized into "classes." We will be using these six classes:

Points will be given to the best rose in each class, based on ARS guidelines:

The first place winners in each section will be judged against each other to determine the Rose of the Day. That entry will be awarded an additional 3 points and displayed separately.

Here are the rules that we will follow: