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Pest Control at Rose Haven Garden

How We Control Gophers, Ants & Squirrels at Rose Haven

by Kathy Katz

Botta's Pocket Gopher

Tony Cherniss is our go-to pest control guy. His company is Vineyard Valley Pest Control, and he does commercial, residential and agricultural pest control. He was kind enough to instruct me about what he can and can not do to help us at Rose Haven. He is very knowledgeable about the least dangerous and safest methods of controlling pests. He is not a poison‑and‑leave kind of guy, and understands our position as a public garden. He is also interested in water‑wise gardening.

Photo credits:

• Botta's Pocket Gopher; Photo courtesy of iNaturalist.org

• Western Gray Squirrel: Debra Turner & Conboy Lake National Wildlife Refuge

• Harvester ant: Photo Credits - © Peter J. Bryant & Laguna Wilderness Park

• Argentine ant: Image courtesy of Alex Wild, UCR, Center for Invasive Species Research