Old Roses Faqs

Version: 2.10 Last-modified: 7 March 1995

Written by Brent C. Dickerson odinthor@csulb.edu,
author, "The Old Rose Advisor" (FAQ compiled October-November, 1994)


We alas cannot list all old rose nurseries, and do not wish to seem to be recommending any one or group over any other in something involving commercial interests. The societies listed above can provide lists of nurseries, at least one recent book ("The Quest for the Rose") lists several for a number of countries around the world, and there is currently (November 1, 1994) a thread on this newsgroup discussing rose suppliers (if it is gone, start another thread asking!).


All books published on this subject should be examined with interest and discernment. Here are a few recent ones; we are no doubt forgetting several equally worthy ones.

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