Scout Installs Benches at Garden Pond

By The Californian – May 20, 2012
Reported by Don Boomer

Among the many features of a 3.4‑acre public garden tucked away in a rural residential area in southwest Temecula are rows upon rows of roses of all colors, a robust vegetable garden, and a pond that boasts tadpoles and lily pads.

The Rose Haven Heritage Garden's seating options, however, are somewhat limited: a bench here, a gazebo there.

Knowing this, 16‑year‑old Temecula resident and Great Oak High School sophomore Christopher Le decided to add places where flora and fauna enthusiasts could sit and take in the splendor and beauty of the garden's view.

Christopher, a longtime Boy Scout working to earn his Eagle Scout rank, turned to local businesses with the hopes of getting the supplies he would need. His requests were successful.

He received two benches made out of recycled wood donated from West Coast Arborists, pavers donated from RCP Concrete, and gravel and sand donated by a family friend, Ryan Monteleone.

On April 14, Christopher, along with family, friends and fellow Troop 633 Scouts and troop leaders, installed the benches.

The group leveled two areas near the pond where the benches would be placed, and used the pavers, sand and gravel to secure the area for the benches. Finally, the furniture was placed atop the decorative, sturdy flooring.

There was gravel and sand left over after the project, and Christopher donated that to the garden. It was used to level an area where special events are held.

"It made me feel really good," Christopher said. "It looks really nice, and the rose garden association appreciated it as well."

Christopher has been a Boy Scout since he was 10, and said everything he has learned through the organization, including his Eagle Scout project efforts, have taught him a lot. "It's helped me with leadership skills, and being a commanding force," he said.

His mother, Annie Le, said she was impressed by Christopher as he directed 20‑plus volunteers the day the benches were installed.

"No one was just standing around," she said. "Christopher made sure everyone had a job to do. We are very proud of him."

Christopher is set to earn his Eagle Scout rank sometime this summer. He said he has also enjoyed learning survival skills through his time with the group, because he hopes to become a doctor.

Christopher maintains a 4.33 grade‑point average at high school, and said he hopes to raise it to a 4.5 grade‑point average by the time he graduates.

The garden is open to the public daily from dawn to dusk. For more information, visit Rose Haven Garden on the Internet or call (951) 526‑7436 and leave a message.