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2013 Rose Show Planning Committee News

For more information, or to participate, contact Linda Black at (951) 694-8968 or email to

March 6th Committee Meeting Results

The third Rose Show Committee meeting commenced at 1:00 PM on March 6th. The following are the decisions of the committee (dates & deadlines are the sole discretion of the Chair):

1) Committee meetings are now booked for the first Wednesday of April, May, October and November at the Assistance League community room at 1:00 PM.

2) Colors are finalized for show — Bright yellow & lime green.

3) Rental Order to be placed with Abbey Rents by end of month.

4) Round plastic cloths already bought.

5) Lenore Vogel & daughter making 10 hat stands for show. Also bought 4 hats to decorate and sell at show per request.

6) Sign-up sheets for show workers start in March.

7) Sign up to bring cookies or gallon of punch for show refreshments.

8) Table setting section finalized and presented to membership at meeting so people can start thinking and sign up for tables.

9) Sign up for "Blooming Art" and arrangements at April member meeting. Details still to be settled.

10) Members to bring hats to March meeting so we can choose for show tables.

11) Workers at show to wear hats to be a kind of "docent" where people can ask rose care questions.

12) The full show schedule should be ready and made available on the web site by April 1st.

13) "You be the Judge" — Public to judge artistic division at show between 10:00 and 12:30 PM. Tallies counted between 12:30 and 1:00 PM. Awards given at 1:00 PM.

14) Awards will be given to arrangements, photographs, table settings, "Blooming Art" (including the artist) and "Show Favorite".

15) Members to bring unwanted glassware or ceramics for sale table.

16) Flyers should be ready by April 1st.

Street signage is available. Help is needed to paint directional signs.

Read the 2013 Rose Show Schedule here.

View the 2013 Rose Show poster here.

Jan 7th Committee Meeting Results

The first 2013 Rose Show committee meeting commenced at 1:00 PM on Jan 7th with 9 people present. The following are the decisions of the committee:

1) We will be using yellow, green and pink since our theme is "A Place in the Sun" and will be a mixture of cloth and plastic tablecloths. Decorations may include different hats (campaign on skin cancer prevention). We will not be renting tables.

2) We will set up day before show. The show will be open to public entries and will be a non-judged show. Refreshments will be provided to workers. Punch and cookies offered to public for donations.

3) Entries will be accepted from 8:30 to 10:00 AM. Open to public 10:00 AM. Close 3:00 PM. Tear down 3:15 to 4:00 PM.

4) Show Schedule will include horticultural specimens, arrangements, Blooming Art, photos and table décor (tray tables).

5) We will apply for donations from Jo Ann's, Party City, Hobby Lobby or other businesses for supplies.

6) We will have a sale table (with permission of Assistance League)

7) We will carry an ARS insurance rider for liability. Need to check Assistance League for insurance liability.