Temecula Valley Rose Society Finance Committee Minutes

August 4, 2014


Members Present: Bonnie Bell, Frank Brines, Rebecca Weersing, Jeanne Brubaker.

  1. Review June and July Financial Reports for Board meeting Thursday, August 14, 2014.
  2. MOTION: To ratify June checks and auto-pay 2291 through 2295 .
  3. MOTION: To ratify July checks and auto-pay 2296 through 2298.

Financial Reports attached to Board Minutes and are available upon request from Treasurer.

  1. Review 6 month Budget to Actual. 
  2. Strategic plan additions/comments sent to Ron for Board Meeting. (SWOT)
  3. Restaurant Night fund raiser will be Thursday, Sept. 18th at Richie’s Diner in Murrieta. Frank/Peggy. Note: fundraising events should identify what the money will be used for.
  4. Macy’s fundraiser August 23rd.
  5. Grants/long term funding/endowments.  Grand application to Jeff Stone, 3rd district has been approved. Awaiting check.  Pechanga letter of intent submitted by Ann/Phyllis still outstanding.

Meeting with Oscar Caso, UCR grant writer will be set for August.

  1. “Summer Solstice” City event at Rose Haven 6/21. Great success. Rebecca/Phyllis
  2. Maria U. fundraising event preliminary planned for spring 2015. Frank



Submitted, Bonnie Bell, Treasurer