Temecula Valley Rose Society


AUDIT: Meets once a year in February to review prior year accounting records, bank reconciliations, deposits, and receipts.

BEAUTIFICATION: A branch of Community Outreach assists in local community projects with planning and planting of roses at various schools, libraries, or other facilities.

BUDGET: Meets once a year early in January to plan budget for new fiscal year.

BY-LAWS: Reviews our Bylaws for appropriateness. Meets only as needed.

COMMUNICATIONS: Provides meeting and special announcement or advertising information via newspapers, website, telephone, newsletter and other media.

COMMUNITY OUTREACH: Prepare rose bouquets and take to various local facilities, library, chamber of commerce, theater, city hall, etc. Also, very active in local youth garden activities at schools, and Boys and Girls Club. Weekly and monthly activities.

GARDEN WORKSHOPS: Teach or assist with visitors and members at our educational workshops at Rose Haven Garden. Meets the third Saturday each month except July and December.

HISTORIAN: Maintains historical records of the society.

HOSPITALITY: Provide food for our member meeting luncheon.

CLUB LIBRARIAN: Provides Society owned books and materials at the member meetings for members to take home and read.

MEMBERSHIP: Maintains the membership information and seeks to unite new members into the Society.

PROGRAMS: Provides interesting speakers or programs for our member meetings.

PUBLICATIONS: Accumulates monthly articles and edits information for eNewsletter.

ROSE HAVEN GARDEN: Volunteers work together at our public garden pruning, planting, deadheading, weeding generally every Wednesday and Saturday morning. Picnics, BBQ, and other gatherings. Development committee meets the fourth Saturday every month at the garden.

ROSE & ART FESTIVAL: Our grand public event once a year the first weekend in May to display our specimens, arrangements and artwork. All members encouraged to participate. Meets once a month immediately following the member meeting.

TELEPHONE: Once a month phone or e-mail members to remind them of the upcoming member meeting.

WAYS & MEANS: Develops drawings, auctions, or other means to raise funds for the Society to be used as scholarships, education, community outreach or other activities.

YOUTH GARDENING: Families in the Garden has interesting speakers and hands-on activities for younger children and their families. Youth Gardening utilizes the Tree of Life garden in learning how to plant, harvest and care for vegetables.

For more information on how to serve on a committee email Rebecca at temroses@gmail.com.