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Temecula Valley Rose Society

The 2018 TVRS Board

2018 Officers & Directors


President: Rebecca Weersing
1st VP (Programs): Brenda Jahanbani
Membership VP: Denise Vaccaro
Recording Secretary: Phyllis Bettelheim
Treasurer: Bonnie Bell


Executive: Rebecca Weersing
Programs: Brenda Jahanbani
Membership: Denise Vaccaro
Records: Phyllis Betytelheim
Finance: Bonnie Bell
Rose Haven Planning: Open
Families In The Garden & Tree of Life: Alicia Cline
Education & Outreach: Open
Communications: Open


Bonnie Bell
Phyllis Bettelheim
Virginia Boos
Linda Freeman
Ben Jahanbani
Brenda Jahanbani
Frances Merritt
Tony Merritt
Barb Purdy
Ann Schryer
Denise Vaccaro
Rebecca Weersing

Board Meetings

The Board of Directors meeting is held on the second Thursday of each month (excluding July).
Contact Rebecca Weersing for the location, or phone her at (951) 595-7046.

The meeting starts at 10:00 a.m. and lasts about two hours. The Board agenda includes: approval of minutes of the previous meeting, a report from the Treasurer on financial matters, and reports from all committees. Board meetings are open to all interested members.

To see a list of committees go here.

See our committee chart here.

To read or print a copy of our By Laws go here.

To read or print a copy of our Standing Rules go here.

To view a calendar of upcoming TVRS events go here and click on the tabs for a variety of calendar views.

To print a Check Request form for expense reimbursement go here.