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Calendar of things to do.


  • Prune all roses except those that bloom once a year.
  • Plant bare-root roses.
  • If desired, apply pre-emergent weed killer.
  • Dormant spray.
  • Clean up all debris.


  • Finish pruning by mid-month since the sap will begin to rise and the roses will try to put out new growth.
  • Also finish planting.
  • Do not apply dormant spray once the bushes begin to leaf out since the spray will burn the tender growth.
  • Can also add soil amendments.


  • Apply fertilizer.
  • Add soil amendments if you haven't already done so.
  • Begin spray program, if desired.
  • Finger prune.*


  • Continue spray program (if you choose to spray).
  • Disbud for one bloom-per-stem.
  • Make sure roses have enough water.
  • Prepare for rose shows!

May - September

  • Be sure roses are well watered.
  • Continue fertilizer program.
  • Spray for disease and insects if you choose to spray.
  • Otherwise, use IPM practices such as introducing beneficial insects and using nontoxic sprays.
  • Keep garden clean of debris.
  • Improve air flow among roses by removing crossing canes and keeping the centers of the bushes open.


  • Decrease nitrogen in your fertilizer by using 0-10-10, or by ending your fertilization program.
  • Continue spray program if you are using one.
  • Garden should remain free of debris to help avoid the spread of disease.
  • Monitor soil moisture as the rains begin.
  • Send for rose catalogs and order new roses!


  • End fertilization program if you haven't already done so.
  • Dispose of garden debris.
  • Roses require less water as they go dormant, but make sure that the soil is still moist.
  • Let hips form to encourage dormancy.


  • Same as November.
  • Can begin pruning, if desired.
  • Prepare soil for new rose beds.

* Finger prune (pinching out the bud or terminal point).

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